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Hello! I’m Bella

When I first noticed the homeless community in the Fargo-Moorhead area, I was sad and didn’t understand why they didn’t have a place to live. I wanted to make a difference. With the help of my mom, I created Bella’s Dulce Sweets and Treats to help make my home of Fargo, North Dakota a better, happy place. I took the idea of selling my homemade treats and crafts, and using the proceeds to purchase care packages for those in need in my community.

Bella’s Dulce Sweets & Treats, was Created By Rosalinda and her daughter Bella Garcia. With the help of Husband-Father Marco Garcia.

During a Very difficult time when Tragedy struck, Rosalinda Garcia endured near death complications during her pregnancy in October of 2020, that lead to their child being in the Nicu . During this difficult time They saw the light, that brought pure strength ! And our mission is to give back. We all have been there at one point and time in our lives, and we love to help the best we can With our little Leader Bella! Who has a pure heart of gold! And Loves everyone and every animal!


Thank you for your support!


President & Vice President

Mother & Father of Bella

Rosalinda & Marco Garcia

My Mission

Bella’s Dulce wants to help everyone in need and truly make a difference! We’ve teamed up with the YMCA, New Life Center, and Gladys Ray Shelter to turn our baked goods into items like bar soap, toothbrushes, deodorant, tissues, and socks for residents. We then expanded our charitable efforts to 4 the Luv of Dog Rescue to provide dog food, treats, bowls, blankets, leashes and collars.

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The Garcia Family Fundraiser

Scentsy Buddy Clips Fundraiser

Bella’s Christmas Event

Sign up for a Christmas stocking care package this holiday season!

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